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Control Board for Manitowoc Ice 000015302 New

Control Board for Manitowoc Ice 000015302 New

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John Smith

This is a good board, recommended.

Ashley Perez
Uncompromising Quality, Unmatched Results!

This motherboard epitomizes reliability and performance.

Daniel Lee
Innovation Meets Durability: Ice Maker Marvel!

Its advanced technology ensures ice production never falters.

Samantha Rodriguez
Simplifying Ice Making with Superior Technology!

The motherboard's intuitive interface simplifies operation.

Christopher Garcia
Engineered to Perfection, Ice Maker's Dream!

Precision-controlled by the motherboard, every ice cube is perfect.

  • There are bulk discounts for 2 pieces or more.
  • It can Replaces model-040002007 board.
  • New Package Weight: 0.35kg. Product Size: 5.9*3.9inch.
  • Provide free return and exchange and installation guidance consulting services.
  • Compatible machine models: K-0250, K-0350, K-0420, K-0500, K-0600, K-1000, K-1350, UD0140A, UD0140AE, UD0140W, UD0140WE, UD0190A, UD0190AE, UD0240A, UD0240AE, UD0240W, UD0240WE, UD0310A, UD0310AE, UD0310W, UD0310WE, UR0140A, UR0140AE, UR0190A, UR0190AE, UR0240A, UR0240AE, UR0310A, UR0310AE, UR0310W, UY0140A, UY0140AE, UY0140W, UY0140WE, UY0190A, UY0190AE, UY0240A, UY0240AE, UY0240W, UY0240WE, UY0310A, UY0310AE, UY0310W, UY0310WE etc.
  • Shipped from the United States, it is expected to arrive about 3 days.
    Hello, please attach your mobile phone contact information with the address of the order, so that the express delivery can facilitate communication.

    We provide another types of motherboards:  Manitowoc Ice 2006199 Control Board and Manitowoc Ice 7627823.

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